China Airlines has Special Farewell Plans for the Final 747-400 Built for Passengers

A special farewell is being planned by China Airlines for the Boeing 747, which is leaving its fleet at the beginning of this year. One of the airline’s 747, which also happens to be a -400 produced by Boeing, will fly a special farewell journey.

Although it is now past us, 2020 will be remembered as the year when the Boeing 747 was extensively retired. The major airlines retired their fleets early, including British Airways, KLM, Qantas, Virgin Atlantic, and others. However, retirements remain as China Airlines will join the list in early 2023.

The Boeing 747 has been a symbol of commercial aviation since 1967, a period of more than 50 years. But today, the final one in the series left the factory, bringing the aircraft’s illustrious history to an end.

The final Boeing 747 left the company’s widebody factory before being delivered to Atlas Air in early 2023, according to a press release from Boeing.

A Unique Farewell

An iconic airplane is The Queen of the Skies. The jumbo jet’s distinctive fuselage has made it popular among travellers and plane spotters worldwide for over 50 years. But the Queen’s reign is ending, as with all wonderful things.

China Carriers, in contrast to other airlines, including British Airways, is organizing a unique special flight to mark the Queen’s retirement. Between 7,470 TWD ($266) and 10,747 TWD ($383) will be required to witness it, which is a little more expensive than Virgin Atlantic’s £50 ($68) 747 farewell from late last year. For this price, passengers can take one final flight for almost six hours on the Boeing 747-400.

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What do Travellers Receive?

China Airlines’ offering will be more than just a flight, like ANA’s pointless Airbus A380 flights. On February 6th, check-in will start at 07:47 and last until 09:00. There will be unique events in the departure lounge before the flight, including a photo opportunity for first and business-class customers.

The flight, designated CI2747, is scheduled to leave Taoyuan at 11:30. It will take five hours and forty minutes. Before returning to Taoyuan, it will take off for Japan and fly past Mount Fuji.

One of Boeing’s Most Important Products is the 747

The 747, the original twin-aisle airplane, began production in 1967 and produced 1,574 units over 54 years.

After its maiden commercial flight in January 1970, the hump-backed 747 became one of the most well-known jetliners and contributed to lowering the cost of international travel. The four-strong engines were effective for the time being. The airplane could accommodate hundreds of passengers at once on long voyages.

With a length of a little over 250 feet, the newest and final model, the 747-8, is the longest commercial aircraft currently in use (76.2 m). The 747-8 cruises at a speed of around three NFL football fields or FIFA soccer fields per second.

The last 747 series aircraft, a 747-8, will operate as a freighter. The aircraft’s 133.1-tonne payload capacity allows it to carry approximately 19 million ping pong or golf balls or 10,699 solid gold balls.

The Airplane

The B18215 aircraft will be utilized for the voyage, claims China Airlines. According to the airline, this was Boeing’s final 747-400 for passenger service. The 15.8-year-old 747-400 was delivered to China Airlines in April 2005, according to data from The plane is headed for GA Telesis after it retires.

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“Boeing’s diverse team is committed to innovating for the future, leading with sustainability, and cultivating a culture based on the company’s core values of safety, quality, and integrity.

What have farewell actions other airlines taken?

China Airlines is not the only carrier organizing a memorable send-off for the Boeing 747. El Al bid farewell to its final 747 in 2019 by flying a massive 747 silhouette across the air. A huge kangaroo appeared in the sky on Qantas’ final retirement flight of the kind last year after three farewell flights for the Queen.

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