Davinci Motor revealed its futuristic electric performance DC100 bike

Davinci Motor presented its first electric motorbike, the DC100, in the US market at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas. The Chinese firm focuses on high-performance electric solutions with large ranges to compete with traditional liter-class bikes.

The streetfighter-inspired design houses an electric engine with a peak output of 135 horsepower and a torque of 850 Nm. The self-developed synchronous AC motor is installed directly on the motorcycle’s rear wheel. The DC100 has a 17.7 kWh battery pack and weighs 562 pounds (255 kg).

Source: DavinciMotors

“We’re thrilled to announce that CES 2023 will be our first on-site appearance in the United States,” said Rosanna Libia, Davinci Motor International Business Manager. “As a technology-driven firm, this exhibition is at the top of our list of events where we want to promote ourselves as a tech company in the United States and worldwide.”

For the Chinese firm, exhibiting at CES is the “ideal opportunity for end-users to have a first-hand feel of the device while also providing a chance for potential U.S. dealers and distributors to get a first look.”

The DC100 has a 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) acceleration time of three seconds and a peak speed of 124 mph (200 km/h). The motorcycle’s range is rated at 247 miles (400 kilometers), according to NEDC. And it merely takes half an hour to fully recharge its batteries utilizing level 3 DC fast-charging stations.

“As a tech-driven company, this exhibition is at the top of our list for events where we want to promote ourselves as a tech company in the US and throughout the world,” Rosanna Libia, Davinci Motor International Business Manager, stated in a news statement.

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Several amazing features are available.

The DC100 has 1000 chips and over 200 sophisticated sensors to monitor the driving environment, road conditions, lean angle, battery, motor temperature, and vehicle movement status. “While riding, the DC100 will use this information to adjust its power system precisely, ensuring optimal performance under all situations.”

The electric bike has a Ride Assist Mode, which allows the system to control and gradually release the bike to attain a maximum speed of 4 mph (7 km/h) while moving forward from a stop. The DC100 also has Hill Start Assist and Hill Decent Control to help consumers ensure a smooth riding experience while traveling uphill or downhill. A Reverse Assist feature may “compute the most suitable torque output value in the present condition and release it to the rear wheel based on the weight and adhesion value of the tire to the road surface.”

Source: DavinciMotors

The DC100 has an innovative battery management module, a kinetic energy recovery system, and firmware-over-the-air technology to keep up with its competitors.

Future Plans of Davinci Motor

Davinci Motor intends to equip the DC100 with self-balancing technology, utilizing its electric power steering and 6-axis inertial measurement unit. The company also hopes to enable self-riding functionality with the DC100, which will be able to “automatically follow the objective previously established by the rider.”

The bike will also have remote control capabilities through its Davinci app, allowing for new functionality such as automated parking and remote calling. “Davinci Motor will expose the Application Programming Interface (API) to allow innovative new features to be developed and shared by creative and certified software developers.”

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The car is estimated to cost $27,500 by Davinci Motor.

Those interested in seeing the DC100 electric motorbike in person could visit Davinci Motor’s exhibit in North Hall #10163 at CES 2023. The firm will make certain to demonstrate the most recent technology and design elements included in its e-bike, as well as the whole riding experience.

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