No Chain or Derailleur, The World’s Most Efficient Drivetrain.

A CeramicSpeed company finally managed to develop, The world’s most efficient drivetrain bike with no chain and no derailleur. And They have also built a prototype to prove it; the prototype won the coveted Eurobike Award, beating 365 other entries. This is a considerable achievement; the concept of the Drivetrain was developed with the help of the mechanical engineering department of the University of Colorado.

Source: CeramicSpeed

Aim towards effectiveness

The bike’s 21 bearings are called the “21 CeramicSpeed Bearings.” These bearings let the drive shaft transfer front ring torque to the 13-speed rear cog.

Driven functions essentially through a driveshaft system in the shape of a pinion instead of the more conventional and wasteful chain and derailleur types. The company claims that by eliminating the eight sources of sliding friction found on conventional bikes, its revolutionary technology produces 49 percent less friction than the industry-leading chain and derailleur drivetrain.

Source: CeramicSpeed

Adding a carbon driveshaft to the bike in place of the metal chain gave it a two-dimensional, more aerodynamic profile that lowers drag and permits a lighter design.

The Driven Drivetrain has no chain or derailleurs, making it more than 99 percent efficient. This means almost none of the power generated by a rider is not going to be lost.

Source: CeramicSpeed

Tests carried out by CeramicSpeed revealed that their first model had a peak efficiency of 99%. And In Further testing, it was found to have 49 percent less friction than a standard Dura-Ace group and 32 percent less friction than a CeramicSpeed-optimized DA drivetrain; both were already high-performing products from the company.

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A Variety of options

The 2018 edition of Driven could not be ridden or shifted. The business built the first rideable version of a single-speed Driven bike shortly after Eurobike. Three Driven bike concepts are available today: The Hero, The Venge, and The Lux.

The Hero improved on the original Eurobike concept. Driven now has a fixed front pinion and a patent-pending, remote-controlled, electrically shiftable rear split pinion.

Project Lead and CeramicSpeed’s CTO, Jason Smith, spoke in detail about the breakthrough of the split:

“The rear split-pinion is an innovative means of shifting gears, even while the rider is loaded.” The pinion is divided vertically down the middle, resulting in two pieces. To complete a shift, each side of the pinion can move independently. The pinion is not required to ‘wait’ for a radially oriented shift channel. The pinion can shift anywhere on the rear cog using the self-aligning Torque Decoupler. Within one rotation of the driveshaft, a shift occurs. The rear split-pinion has the potential to outperform a standard electronic drivetrain in terms of shift speed.”

Source: CeramicSpeed

CeramicSpeed collaborated with Specialized to outfit the aerodynamic Specialized S-Works Venge with their chainless Driven drivetrain.

The LUX MTB idea imagines what mountain bikes might look like. A telescoping driveshaft was created to transfer high torque while lengthening and shortening to follow suspension.

These bikes are not yet available for purchase. Until then, we’ll have to deal with our chains and fantasize about a smoother ride.

Future of CeramicSpeed

The company aims to achieve a future where no chain and no derailleur bikes are seen everywhere. To achieve that future, the company has been conducting more testing; While it conducts additional testing, the company has already submitted a patent application. Driven has only been tested at 100 watts, but extrapolating the efficiency results in larger rider output; it should achieve 99 percent efficiency.

Source: CeramicSpeed

Driven is lighter than a standard drivetrain and also highly efficient. Although the prototype only has 13 speeds, more gears may easily be added, according to CeramicSpeed.

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Smith praised the success accomplished by a small group of engineers:

“It’s amazing to see how far our small team of engineers has come in such a short period of time.” We knew last year at Eurobike that rideability and shiftability would soon become a focus. The entire bike industry seemed to want to be Driven to shift, and we had a thought on how to achieve it, but by the time Eurobike rolled around, we had yet to commit to the challenge. However, we mastered it in a short period due to the cooperation of the University of Colorado’s Mechanical Engineering Department. “The Driven shifting problem was resolved.”

Source: CeramicSpeed

At last, I want to say words that CeramicSpeed CTO Jason Smith said, “CeramicSpeed has proudly accomplished what many have said couldn’t be done,” And “We’ve achieved a 99 percent efficient multi-speed drivetrain while eliminating the chain and complex rear derailleur.”

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