You Can Now Buy a Yacht for $25 Million That Can Stay Underwater For up to Four Days

A submersible yacht is a type of yacht that can submerge underwater for some time. It typically has a hull designed to withstand the pressure of being underwater. It may have features such as a retractable roof or windows to allow passengers to see out while submerged.

Some submersible yachts also have additional features like underwater propulsion systems and diving equipment, which allow them to explore the underwater environment. They are often used for recreational purposes, such as sightseeing or scientific research.

Nautilus – Submersible Yacht

A press release from the company said that Dutch yacht builder U-Boat Worx has shown off the design of its $25 million superyacht, Nautilus. Diving underwater can help people who get seasick feel better.

More than 150 years ago, when Jules Verne wrote 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the idea of a luxury yacht that could go underwater at will was first brought to our attention. Many engineers have admired and looked up to the idea over the years, but making a real-world prototype is still just a dream.

Now that U-Boat Worx’s engineering work has paid off, people willing to pay a few million dollars for a luxury yacht need to answer a new question. Do they want to be able to dive underwater?

What do we know about Nautilus?

The Nautilus is a 123-foot (37.5 m) yacht submarine. It has the comforts of a yacht on the top deck and the safety of a submarine below. U-Boat Worx has put a freshwater pool, a bar, and a big dining table on the upper deck so sailors can enjoy the warm weather and see how luxurious it can be.

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However, the whole thing can be pulled back when the yacht goes into submersible mode. U-Boat Worx has also made a fully pressure-resistant electric tender that stays outside while the yacht takes the dive option. The press release also said that the tender could take scuba divers to the spot where they want to dive.

Inside the super yacht is a 540-square-foot (50-square-meter) dining and lounge area with four large circular windows. The part of the yacht that can go underwater can have a master bedroom, four staterooms, and space for up to six crew members to sleep. The kitchen can even be set up so that food can be cooked underwater.

View of Nautilus

Features of Nautilus Submersible Yacht 

The Nautilus is a luxury submersible yacht designed and built by U-Boat Worx, a company based in the Netherlands. Some of the notable features of the Nautilus include:

  • A transparent acrylic pressure hull that provides 360-degree views of the underwater environment.
  • A sleek, futuristic design that allows it to move smoothly through the water.
  • A retractable roof that allows passengers to experience the feeling of flying through the water.
  • Comfortable seating for up to four passengers and two crew members.
  • An advanced propulsion system that allows the yacht to reach speeds of up to 5 knots while submerged.
  • A depth capability of up to 1,000 feet (300 meters), allows it to explore a wide range of underwater environments.
  • Various onboard systems and equipment include dive tanks, a compressor, and a biological filtration system.

The Nautilus is designed for recreational use and can be used for activities such as sightseeing, diving, and scientific research.

Submersible Yacht

How fast can The Nautilus move?

The Nautilus sounds like a fun yacht to own. Even Jeff Bezos might want one while his 417-foot superyacht is still being put together at different shipyards. So, besides what it can do, the real question is how fast it can go.

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The Nautilus can go as fast as nine knots (10 mph) on the surface thanks to its diesel-electric engine and cruises. The submersible moves underwater at four knots ( 4.6 miles an hour). The yacht is attractive because it can stay underwater for up to four days. This lets you do more exciting things on your trip. The yacht can go more than 650 feet deep (200 m).

U-Boat Worx is also willing to make the interiors fit the customer’s needs. All orders should be delivered within 30 months. So, if you want a submersible yacht straight out of science fiction, you now know a company that makes dreams come true.

Depth Rating of Nautilus 

Nautilus can work as both a ship on the water and a submersible. It can go down to a depth of more than 200 meters. The diesel-electric model can travel at 9 knots on the surface and 4 knots underwater, and it can stay underwater for up to 4 days at a time.

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