Mimic Electric Superbike Concept- A Glimpse Into The Future?

A recent trend that designers have been following is the introduction of new concept vehicles. These vehicles give the general people a view into what the future may be like. The concept of futuristic, high-tech automobiles, the likes of which are typically shown in action movies, is quite appealing to the general population.

Who among us doesn’t find the idea of riding an electric superbike, the kind that we typically see in science fiction books and films, to be absolutely fascinating? At the very least, any of us tech lovers would be thrilled if that were to become a reality.

What is Mimic Electric Superbike Concept?

The Mimic electric superbike concept, designed by Russian designer Roman Dolzhenko, seems like it was lifted straight from the movie Tron: Legacy.

Credit: Roman Dolzhenko

Roman Dolzhenko’s Mimic electric bike, which was initially conceived as a drawing on a napkin and later rendered using 3DS Max, has users all over the internet speculating as to whether or not this idea will ever be realized in the real world.

The Design of the Mimic Electric Superbike Concept

This bicycle has an elegantly curved body finished in a matte black color. It is adorned with LED lights that provide the overall appearance with the ideal amount of understated detail.

The absence of straight lines lends a futuristic appearance to the bicycle, which is matched by the bike’s graceful and streamlined form. The instrument panel is entirely computerized and displays accurate information, while the headlamps have a feline appearance that is reminiscent of a panther.

Credit: Roman Dolzhenko

A totally digital dashboard, which is made up of a single display in the shape of a triangle, displays essential information such as speed and the state of the battery charge. There is no additional information that can be found, other than what is said there and what can be seen in the photographs.

Credit: Roman Dolzhenko

Colors of Mimic Electric Superbike Concept

The Mimic Electric Superbike’s concept is imagined to be in three different colors.

Credit: Roman Dolzhenko

One is a very charming, chrome-black color. The other one is an aesthetically-pleasing, minimalistic white color. The third one is a bold, fancier version in red.

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Is Mimic Electric Superbike Concept Practical?

Credit: Roman Dolzhenko

Even though there isn’t much information available about the electric motorcycle, the primary concern that people have with its creator is how well it can turn. Based on the renderings, it appears like the bike is unable to make turns.

On the other hand, the creator of the Mimic bike claims that the entire front of the bike can turn, but that the rotation angle is quite slight. The fact of the matter is that both the front wheel fairing and the design of the handlebar already disclose certain challenges in the driver’s ability to make turns while they are operating the vehicle.

Credit: Roman Dolzhenko

It is very evident that on account of its construction, it does not appear to be a motorbike that is sufficiently practical to end up as a production model. In any event, it is still only a concept with some really unique and fascinating stylistic solutions that may or may not be applied in the design of a future electric superbike. Regardless, it is still just an idea.

What Other Concept Designs Does Dolzhenko Have?


Credit: Roman Dolzhenko

Roman Dolzhenko, who goes by the name YETTIE, is the inventor of an electric stand-up scooter. He designed it to meet the demand for comfortable travel among commuters as well as visitors. The designer of the concept suggests that it be sold as a rental service, despite the fact that it could be feasible to acquire one for one’s own personal usage.

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STINGRAY – Roborace

Credit: Roman Dolzhenko

The stingray served as a source of creativity for the designer of this concept car.


There are many other concepts designs the designer Roman Dolzhenko has imagined. They are definitely exciting and give us an image of what we can see the future of vehicles to be like. These designs may not be practical, and we can’t really expect them to materialize, but these concept designs are definitely a fantastic model for future vehicles to come.

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