Tesla Driver Installs a $2,500 Solar Trailer to Power his Vehicle While He’s on the Road

One day, cars with solar roofs will be available to store enough energy to be helpful.

A Tesla owner has shown off a very creative way to charge his Model 3. In a recent video, Sean Callaghan of the ItsYeBoi YouTube channel chose to build a mobile charging station for his all-electric automobile out of several commercially available solar panel sheets mounted to a trailer that could be towed.

Callaghan intended to charge his Model 3 solely with the help of the Sun and the solar sheets he bought from the online retailer Wish. Energy from the Sun would be captured by the solar panel sheets and transferred to a control panel.

The Tesla Model 3 was charged by the inverter after the control panels were linked to batteries that would store the electricity.

The entire assembly would supply the Model 3 with around 800 watts of power daily without clouds. However, because Callaghan recorded the video in cloudy conditions, the complete solar panel trailer build could only supply about 300 watts during the YouTube host’s test.

The Cost of the Solar Trailer and the Maximum Speed it is Capable of:

Despite this, Tesla intends to add solar panels to the forthcoming Cybertruck’s motorised tonneau. Musk’s claim that the optional feature would increase daily mileage by “15 miles, possibly more” when parked in direct sunlight sparked discussion of the concept on Twitter. Also, solar wings that can be folded out could assist collect enough solar energy to go 30 to 40 miles every day.

It’s not a quick device—the automobile needs 40 hours to charge—but it does the job. ItsYeBoi built this one-of-a-kind trailer from the ground up, purchasing the solar panels separately and attaching them to the carriage afterwards. His total outlay was $2,500.

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“To install the solar panels to the trailer, we will purchase a trailer. But to maximise solar input, we must ensure they are pointed toward the Sun. Does that exist? I’m not sure, “ItsYeBoi remarked in his video.

“The Tesla will then have the trailer attached to it. Charge the Tesla and construct the first solar-powered trailer in history.”

The innovation offers a fascinating glimpse into a time when it’s possible that everyone will be able to charge their cars on the go. Could you picture it? Driving continuously?

For All the Information, Watch the Video

Video of the Driver Installs a $2,500 Solar Trailer

In response to a question in 2017, Musk stated that the idea of solar panels being placed on top of Tesla cars was “not very beneficial because the rear surface of the vehicle is not that big, and automobiles are typically inside. The automobile is the least effective location for solar installation.

Since “the cost of the panels and electronics, R&D and assembly will never pay for itself in the life of the vehicle, compared to charging from the wall in your garage,” Quartz stated, it would also not be financially advantageous for Tesla.

What are your thoughts on his solar trailer? Is it a practical way to charge your phone while driving, or just a cumbersome addition to a car that already works well?

Although it is now a rather inconvenient idea, towing a big trailer will inevitably lower a vehicle’s range and may even cause some problems on motorways and expressways.

You might recall ItsYeBoi from a video where he shot a gun at a Tesla that was said to be bulletproof to see how it would fare. The influencer seems to enjoy playing around with his Tesla, or maybe it’s just that it draws fans.

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